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Ed's Blue Dot



By Edward H Muñoz

Eds Blue Dot Photography

Capturing the beauty of our planet


From the Great Wall of China to the Straits of Antarctica my photography spans 6 of the 7 continents


Going beyond the iconic scenes of each location, focusing on Landscapes and Wildlife


Candid shots of people showcasing their diverse life and cultures from all over the world

Latest Work

Flamingos in Spain

check out the recent gallery here

About me

I am a photographer specializing in Nature and Travel Photography. 
I am a member of the Artists of Palm Beach County, The Lighthouse Art Center, and The New Studio for the Visual Arts, all of whom are in Florida. I am also a board member of Images for Conservation of Texas.

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Want to comment on something, please do! If you want to learn more about upcoming events or Interested in one or more images, let me know and we can discuss

Edward H Muñoz